Fly Fishing Technique

Earl with a Sky Steelhead

Earl with a Skykohomish River Steelhead

Technique is everything in the sport of fly fishing. When most poeple think of fly fihing, they think of casting a dry fly with a floating line on a small stream. At certain times, this technique can be very effective. However, a large percentage of fish in the Pacific Northwest are taken subsurface with a wet fly. The point I am trying to make is that when you learn to use the right technique for the situation you are in, you will be very successful! The major obstacle is this: You either spend a lot of time on the water teaching yourself different techniques, you hire a guide to show you a couple techniques for the type of water you will be fishing that day, or you find a friend that knows a lot about fly fishing. No mater which option you choose, you are probably looking at a pretty big investment in time or money.

In an attempt to save you some time and hopefully some money, I present here the technique for casting a fly line, and a number of other techniques based on the type of water you will be fishing.

If you don't catch a fish your first time on the water, don't worry! It takes time to learn where the good water is, and when the conditions are best to fish it. Every trip to the water should be a learning experience. Spend some time on the water, take some notes on the weathter, temperature, water clarity, and river flows, ask questions when you come across someone who is having a productive day, and most of all, have fun!

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