Youngs Bar Spey Casting Class

Youngs Bar Spey Class January 2007
Deene and Students at Youngs Bar

Deene and Spey Casting Students at Youngs Bar

Next Class: Saturday, March, 2008, 9:00 AM

Check this page often for the date and time of the May 2007 class.

Two Handed Casting Class, Youngs Bar, Skagit River

Deene and I meet two times a year, January and May, to spend a morning teaching and improving the skills of new and experienced two handed casters. We started this class in May 2006 to introduce a few friends to the world of two handed rods. Interest has grown and we now offer the class two times a year. Once in January when the steelhead fishing on local rivers is slow, and once in May when our local steelhead rivers are closed.
Youngs Bar Spey Casting May 2006

Youngs Bar Spey Casting May 2006

Class Overview

Our two handed casting class is geared toward the caster with very little experience with a two handed rod. If fact, if you have never cast a two handed rod and you are wondering where to start, this class is perfect to you. However, Deene has been teaching two handed casting for years and he can greatly improve the skills of an experienced caster as well. We teach the basics first, then we move on to the double spey, one of the easiest spey casts to learn. We also have the capability to teach a number of different two handed casts in this class such as the Single Spey, Snake Roll, Snap-T, and Perry Poke.

We start the class by sending everyone to the river to demonstrate a few casts. This gives us an idea of where each student is starting from. If you have never cast a two handed rod and don't know where to start, let Deene or I know and one of us will help you get started.

Casting instruction starts with the basics: Placing the anchor point; loading the rod by froming the D loop, and executing the forward cast. After this, we put the pieces together with the double spey. When a student leaves the class after a couple hours on the water, he or she will know the basic two handed casting steps, be able to perfom the double spey, and know what pitfalls to look out for.

The Instructors

Deene Almvig is the head casting instructor. Deene has been casting a two handed rod for 10+ years now. Deene is a retired school teacher and teaching is in his blood. Deene teaches our casting class on a voluntary basis and he does it because he loves to teach and watch others learn. Deene has been teaching spey casting on a voluntary basis for over five years. Deene also teaches fly casting for Skagit Valley Community College.

Chris Grieve is a fly fishing guide and assistant two handed casting instructor. Chris started fly fishing for steelhead with a two handed rod in 2004 and started guiding with a two handed rod in 2007.

Class Fee

The cost of the class is $20.00 per caster. The fee can be paid by cash or check at the time of the class. There is no registration, but if you plan to join the class, send an email to Chris Grieve at If there is a change in the class time or date due to inclement conditions, you will get an email notification of the change.

Location and Directions

We meet at Youngs Bar on the Skagit River. Youngs Bar is on the West Side of I-5 in the town of Mount Vernon, Washington.

Directions: Take I-5 to Mount Vernon, WA. Exit I-5 at the Kincaid Street Exit and head West on Kincaid Street. Take the first right on S. 3rd Street. S. 3rd Street will turn to the left and become W. Division Street. Cross the Skagit River on W. Division Street and turn right on N. Baker Street. N. Baker Street will turn slightly to the left and follow the dike along the Skagit River. Take the slight right that goes up and over the dike and park to the right. The casting class will be held on the sand bar along the river to the right (East) of the parking area.

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