Universal Rod Holder

Universal Rod Holder

Universal Rod Holder

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How it Works
The Universal Rod Holder attaches to the outside of the pontoon boat frame using two nylon zip ties. No tools are required to attach it to your boat. Once it is attached, you simply lay your rod in the rod holder, place the reel in the cut-out, and fold the velcro strap over the rod and attach it to the tube. Your and reel is now secure. The rod holder can be used for fishing while on a lake or any other slow moving body of water. It can also be used to safely transport your rod and reel while on the river without fear of breaking your rod tip.

Lake Use
The rod holder was actually developed for use on a lake. To use the rod holder while you are fishing, you simply adjust the drag on your reel, place the rod in the rod holder, secure the velcro strap, and you have full use of your hands. If you hook a fish, your drag will do all the work until you pick up the rod.

Many people are confused when they see the rod lying flat and assume that any hook-up will result in the fish breaking the tippet or leader. After all, when you troll in the saltwater, your rod is pointed in the air and not lying flat. However, all experienced fly fishermen point their rod at the line and place the tip of the rod in or, close to, the water when they are trolling of stillwater nymphing. This eliminates the slack in the line and results in more hook-ups. When a fish takes the fly, they lift the rod to set the hook. Using the Universal Rod Holder is no different. When you are fishing, the rod is pointed at the line and close to the water. When you get a hook-up, you grab the rod and lift up to set the hook.

River Use
The primary function of the Universal Rod Holder on the river is to protect your fly rod, yet keep it accessible. Before launching your boat, you string up your rod, attach a fly, reel the fly up to the end guide, and disassemble the rod somewhere close to the middle. Before you place the rod in the rod holder, you swing the tip of the rod toward the reel so the two pieces lay flat in the rod holder. You place the rod in the rod holder, place the reel in the cut-out, and lay the velcro over both sections of the rod and attach it to the rod holder. Both sections of the rod are connected by the leader and the rod is secured to the rod holder.

Boat Compatibility
The Universal Rod Holder is designed to work with all pontoon boats with a rigid frame. It has been tested on the Outcast Discovery 8, Discovery 9, PAC 9 (2003 model), PAC 800, PAC 900, PAC 1000, PAC 1200, PAC 9000, Fish Cat 8, Fish Cat 9, Fish Cat 9 DLX, Fish Cat 9 Lite, Fish Cat Cougar, Fish Cat Streamer XL, and 2003 and older Dave Scadden 8ft Expedition or 9ft Expedition DLS steel or aluminum frame pontoon boats. If you are not sure if it will work with your boat, send an email to the address below, we will collect some information about your boat, and get back to you ASAP!


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