My Background

My Dad introduced me to fishing at a very young age. He took me out to fish for rainbows in the local lakes in the Kent area were we lived at the time. When I was a little older, we spent time in the summers in the San Juan Islands catching kings, large rockfish, and ling cod. Eventually, he bought a bigger boat and we spent more time in Puget Sound fishing for silvers and kings.

I was introduced to flyfishing in 1994, shortly after I started my first job out of college. My boss got me started and soon after, catching big fish on a fly rod became a passion. We took trips to Yellowstone were I learned how to fish for wary trout in small creeks. We also camped out on lakes in Eastern Washington where I learned how to fool big trout into taking mayfly emergers on a floating line and leaches on a sinking line. After that, I moved on to salmon, steelhead, and dolly varden.

I am an aircraft structures design engineer for my full time job, but my passion is with fly fishing. I started my fly fishing guide businnes, Northwest Fly Fishing Adventures, in the fall of 2001 and haven't looked back. Since then, I have been on the water every week. If the rivers are blow out, then I head to my favorite lakes. Every time I am on the water it is my goal to learn something new, whether it be new water, new techniques, or new flies that consistently take fish.

Fisheries Enhancement Memberships:

Evergreen Fly Fishing Club
Federation of Fly Fishers
Sound Salmon Solutions
Wild Steelhead Coalition

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